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Kraus Global Introduces Optima, the Next Generation of CNG Fueling Dispensers

Kraus Global Ltd. a global leader of alternative fuel dispensing solutions and innovator of many recognized technological advances in the marketplace today, continues to shape the industry with the introduction of Optima™, the next generation of CNG fueling dispensers. Featuring Pulse™, a proprietary new companion display, and a powerful new MICON NEXTGEN 1.0™, Optima™ enables enhanced station control and performance via its unmatched data and communication capabilities.

Optima™ is the result of three decades of CNG focused dispenser experience and feedback from the field. Recognizing a need for easily accessible data and configuration tools, Optima™ provides full access to error codes, software upgrades, and fill parameter set points either locally or remotely from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The new Micon NextGen 1.0™ builds upon proven Micon™ 500 technology elevating functionality beyond current standards with data capabilities and configuration tools delivering smarter control, increased efficiency, and higher profitability. Real time data is visible on the PulseTM display, allowing users to follow fill progression as it communicates the starting and ending parameters of their filling process, reassuring that a target was established and then safely met.

President and CEO of Kraus Global Ltd., Ossama AbouZeid, said he is pleased with customer support and feedback from the field.

“We have been beta testing Optima™ for approximately 18 months and have received positive feedback from our customers. Their support has been tremendous and we appreciate their loyalty,” AbouZeid said.

AbouZeid stated Optima™ is currently being used by a number of CNG fuel providers, including Alternative Vehicle Services Group (AVSG), Clean Energy, Independent Fueling Systems, Love’s Trillium, Nopetro, Pacific Gas & Electric, Timco, US GAIN, and others.

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